University Catering 2015
With around 1.7 million students in 154 learning institutions in the UK, student spending on food is a key market, accounting for an estimated £5.4 billion in 2013/14. This report follows on from the previous YouGov Reports publications, University Catering 2011, University Catering 2013 and University Catering 2014. This edition assesses the eating habits of students, examining where and what students eat. It looks particularly at why students choose to eat in particular catering venues.

YouGov Reports used a pre-screened survey sample which had determined respondents’ educational qualifications in order to conduct an online survey of 1,476 students aged 18+ studying for their first degree, foundation course, or a postgraduate qualification.
Report Info

£5,000 + VAT

Table of Contents
  • Table of Figures
  • Introduction & Scope
    • Report coverage
      • Abbreviations
  • Report Summary
    • Financial situations improving
      • Freedom to choose
      • Out-of-home breakfast is often on the move
      • Lunch is the meal most often bought out of home
      • Out-of-home evening eaters want good quality food
      • Tea is the most frequently consumed drink
      • Negative views on university food
      • Importance of price
      • Rises in expenditure
  • Background
    • Key findings
    • Type of student
    • Living arrangements
      • Travelling time
    • Financial situation
  • Student Eating Habits
    • Key findings
    • Term time eating habits
      • On a free rein
      • Healthy eating
      • Changes in eating habits
    • Eating patterns
    • Attitudes towards cooking
      • Encouragement to cook
  • Breakfast
    • Key findings
    • Breakfast habits
    • Breakfast foods
    • Buying breakfast out of home
      • Weekly spend
  • Lunch
    • Key findings
    • Lunch time habits
    • Foods eaten
      • Sandwich consumption
      • Fruit, salad and vegetables
      • Snacks and sweet products
      • Carbohydrates
      • Other popular options
    • Buying lunch out of home
      • Weekly spend
  • Evening Meals
    • Key findings
      • Evening meal habits
    • Foods eaten
      • Varying food styles
      • Meal ingredients
      • Convenience foods
      • Snacking products and foods high in sugar
    • Buying evening meals out of home
      • Weekly spend
  • Snacking & Drinking
    • Key findings
    • Snacking habits
    • Source of purchase
    • Weekly spending
    • Drinking habits
      • Soft drinks
      • Hot beverages
      • Alcoholic drinks
  • Attitudes towards University Food
    • Key findings
    • Food in university accommodation
      • Food from university outlets
      • Opinions by outlet
      • Vending machines
    • University marketing
      • Making decisions
      • Food offers/promotions
  • Market Trends
    • Number of students
    • Amount spent on food
      • Out-of-home spending by full-time students
  • Future Developments
    • Forecast on spending
    • Changes in the pipeline
  • Appendix – Questionnaire
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