Just a game? 12 Oct 2017
Just a game?
Understanding the existing and future eSports market in Germany

This report investigates eSports, analysing a market with estimated global revenue of €633 million and an audience of 385 million this year (2017)*. And these figures are forecast to grow – by 2020, it is estimated that eSports will generate more than €1.1 billion in global revenue and nearly double its audience to 600 million.*

This eSports Germany report examines who currently watches eSports, what they are watching and where, and also if and how they plan to watch eSports again. It also considers the prospective market – those who haven’t watched eSports before, but are interested in doing so in the future. For this report, YouGov ran a Re-contact survey in order to fully understand attitudes towards this market.

For the purposes of this report, the definition of eSports is as follows; eSports are organised, multiplayer video game competitions, typically between professional players (one-on-one or in teams), which can be staged in front of a live audience and streamed online or broadcast on TV. Examples of these video games include League of Legends, Counter-Strike and FIFA. 

This definition was provided to respondents before they took the Re-contact survey.

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