Potatoes 2013 29 Sep 2013
Potatoes 2013

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This latest edition of the YouGov SixthSense Potatoes report focuses on both fresh potatoes and potato products.
In particular, it explores the frequency of buying, ranges and varieties purchased, sources of purchase, frequency of consumption, and for which meals they are most commonly served.

The report also examines consumer preferences for potatoes compared with other carbohydrate-rich foods, branded potatoes, locally sourced potatoes, and genetic modification as a potential answer to supply and price issues.

In addition, the report looks at patterns of behaviour concerning choice of potato when eating out compared with eating at home, before exploring and evaluating attitudes towards fresh potatoes and potato products more generally, including considerations of their preparation and ease of use.

Report Info
Table of Contents
  • Introduction & Scope
    • Report coverage
  • Report Summary
    • Potatoes a significant part of regular diet
      • Small bags most popular
      • High street stores more popular than online
      • Locally sourced potatoes more popular than value ranges
      • Quality most important influence on choice
      • Divided opinions
      • Room to grow awareness
      • Oven chips, crisps and own label – the most popular potato products
      • Price and flavour most significant influences on choice
      • Potato products most commonly used for evening meal
      • Knowledge of nutritional value low
      • Potatoes and eating out
      • Potatoes face greater competition from other foods when eating out
      • Room to grow awareness of other potato products
      • Overall opinions on potatoes and potato products
  • Fresh Potatoes
    • Buying patterns
      • New potatoes most popular variety
      • Purchases divided between Tesco and other retailers
      • Own label ranges the most popular
      • After price, size the most significant influence on choice
      • Quality significantly more important influence than price
      • Flavour and taste more important than origin
      • Special occasions stand out
      • Encouraging purchases of promotions
      • Attitudes towards potatoes
      • Shape and size of potato not significant to buyers
      • Cooking with fresh potatoes
      • Pasta: the potato’s main rival
      • Little knowledge of specific cooking methods
      • Traditional Sunday roast most favourite meal that includes potatoes
      • Nutritional knowledge
  • Potato Products
    • Buying patterns
      • Oven chips and crisps most popular potato product
      • Tesco most popular retail outlet for potato products
      • Standard own label products most frequently bought
      • Cooking with potato products
      • Nutritional knowledge
      • Other potato products
      • Other vegetables
  • Potatoes and Eating Out
    • Eating out
      • Chips/fries: the most popular potato accompaniment when dining out
      • One third of consumers regularly choose potatoes when dining out
      • Attitudes – at home versus dining out
  • Attitudes towards Potatoes and Potato Products
    • Fresh potatoes considered to be cheaper and more nutritious
      • Majority do not worry about contamination from fresh potatoes
      • Tendency for consumers to want to know more about seasonality than not
  • Appendix
    • Questionnaire
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