Credit and Debit Cards 2014

YouGov Report’s objective in this report is to examine the credit and debit card market: looking specifically at levels of credit/debit card ownership, attitudes towards such cards, usage patterns and attitudes towards security and technology.


For this report, YouGov Reports commissioned a survey among YouGov’s online panel, drawing on a nationally representative sample of 2,089 UK adults aged 16+, of whom, 2,000 own at least one financial product.

Report Info

£2,500 + VAT

Table of Contents
  • Table of Figures
  • Introduction and Scope
    • Report coverage
  • Report Summary
    • Current account coverage almost universal
      • Cash is not king
    • Santander tops the providers
    • Multiple credit card ownership
    • ABC1s are most frequent users
    • Barclaycard leads the way
    • Negative connotations are strong
    • Special item purchasing and day-to-day safety net
    • Credit card intentions
    • Debit card – higher multiple ownership than for credit cards
    • Santander comes out top
    • Overdraft thresholds well understood…but not by everyone
    • Debit cards fit the convenience bill
    • Contactless ownership – strong resistance
    • Better security please
    • Fraud is far reaching
    • Fear of fraud does not deter would-be customers
  • Ownership of Financial Products
    • Payment methods
    • A handful of banks dominate the market
    • One credit card is enough for most
    • And one is most active
    • Comparison of simple ownership versus active use
      • Barclaycard heads the pack
      • ABC1s are most frequent users
      • High levels of provider satisfaction…
      • …but dissatisfaction with charges
      • An expensive, potentially counterproductive payment method
      • Motivated purchasing is top
    • Clearing the monthly balance is a priority
    • A range of debt
    • Knowledge of credit card features
    • Almost one in ten have defaulted
      • Outcome of default
      • Reasons behind the default
    • Future credit card intentions
    • 0% interest is a selling point
  • The Debit Card Consumer
    • Over a quarter have two debit cards
    • Almost three quarters have one active card
      • Multiple card ownership
    • Santander is top
      • Debit card usage is high
      • Older customers are happier with debit card provider
    • Customer service is paramount
      • Overdraft facility not used
      • Knowledge of card features is high
      • Ease and convenience are paramount
      • Online purchasing is top
      • Little appetite for change
  • Contactless Cards
    • Almost a fifth have two cards
      • Barclays tops the provider list
      • Satisfaction levels require work
      • Reasons for dissatisfaction
      • Much persuasion needs to be done
      • Security fears are paramount
      • Frequency of use is low
      • What would encourage usage?
  • Pre-paid Cards
    • Capturing the overseas imagination
  • The Security Issue
    • Reassurance is vital to growth
      • Almost 40% subjected to fraud or attempted fraud
      • Frequency of fraud
      • Preventative fraud measures
      • Attitudes towards debit/credit card fraud
  • Appendix
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