Broadcast to Narrowcast - USA
How to reach today’s TV viewer

Headline TV broadcast figures in the US have been steadily declining for 20 years leading some to suggest that TV viewing is in it’s death throes. This masks the fact, however, that the way in which we watch TV has become increasingly fragmented and that overall TV viewing figures remain steady. As it stands, the ‘death of TV’ is a misnomer.

This report will show you how people are watching similar content now in different ways and at different times which creates new opportunities for advertisers to target different groups. It will also show you how within this new fragmented world, word of mouth recommendations are still key to content discovery.

This report is in three parts. The first part analyzes the current state of TV viewership in the US. The second part of the report shows how different segments watch TV. The final part uses YouGovProfiles data to offer a defence of traditional TV advertising and an exploration of how people choose which TV programs to watch.

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Broadcast to Narrowcast
How to reach today’s TV viewer
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