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Low prices at budget retailers attract eight in ten

The popularity of budget or fixed price retailers is underlined in a recent YouGov report that reveals that over eight in ten (81%) of consumers have shopped in such stores ... read more

British households plan to spend £820 on Christmas

New research from YouGov suggests UK households will spend £822 on Christmas this year, an increase of £54 on last year. read more

British shoppers in love with loyalty cards

A new report from YouGov reveals that British shoppers have fallen in love with loyalty cards, with a whopping three-quarters (76%) ... read more

TV Retailing

This report examines the purchasing behaviour of buyers of TVs, focusing particularly on attitudes towards specialist and general retailers and perceptions of ... read more

Youth Travel: UK

Youth Travellers are a tech-savvy group, taking advantage of digital technology and social media to live their lives online as well as ... read more