Mobile phone insurance claims: a customer journey 2013


Introduction and scope

This report updates and extends the findings of the YouGov SixthSense report Mobile Phone Insurance Claims 2012. Similarly to the previous report, this report studies the use and ownership of mobile phone insurance. In addition, it assesses the value of such policies by considering the incidence of claiming. In contrast with the past report, this edition focuses more strongly on claimants. It looks at how claimants compare and contrast with other mobile insurance owners; how they buy insurance; what factors they take into account when buying etc. The report also looks at the claims process and the claimant’s satisfaction with their insurance providers, and how satisfaction affects customer churn.

Report coverage

For this report, YouGov SixthSense commissioned two surveys among its online panels. The first was a nationally representative sample of 2,055 UK adults aged 18+. This sample allows estimates to be made of the number of adults claiming on their insurance and enables a comparison between mobile phone insurance owners and non-owners. The second booster sample counted 272 adults who had claimed on their mobile phone insurance. This sample was asked the same questions as the nationally representative sample, allowing a more in-depth analysis of claimants to be made. For most of this report, the combined sample (nationally representative and booster) for insurance owners is used for analysis, unless otherwise indicated.

In total, more than 40 questions were asked, covering the following topics:

  • The number and type of phones owned and their estimated value
  • How, when and from where mobiles are acquired
  • The incidence of claiming on mobile phone insurance
  • Consumer action in the event of loss, damage or theft
  • The perceived value of insurance
  • The ownership of insurance
  • How policies are purchased, including when and where from
  • How much do consumers understand about phone insurance and their policies
  • The incidence of insurance claims
  • Which factors consumers consider important when buying an insurance policy
  • The tendency to shop around and change policy providers
  • Why some adults do not have insurance
  • The details of the policies owned (e.g. events covered, excess etc.)