Music Festivals 2013 


Introduction & Scope

This 3rd edition of the YouGov/SixthSense Music Festivals report focuses on UK festival attendance, influences on choice of festival, attitudes towards festivals, attendance of festivals abroad, and future festival intentions. Where possible, results from the 2013 survey are shown against results from the previous 2011 and 2012 surveys in order to evaluate trends since the survey was first run.


For this report, YouGov SixthSense commissioned a survey among YouGov’s online panel, drawing on a sample of 1,006 adults aged 16+ who have been to at least one music festival.
Fieldwork was conducted over the period 30 September-2 October 2013.
The sample is not weighted, and is not representative of the UK population as a whole, but of people living in the UK who have attended at least one music festival. The sample closely mirrors the demographic makeup of the previous surveys (2011 and 2012) and comparisons are made where the methodology allows.

Some 54 questions were asked covering the following topics:

  • Which festivals people have attended;
  • How often people go to festivals;
  • Why some people stop going to festivals;
  • How and when festival goers book tickets;
  • How long people stay at festivals;
  • Who people go to festivals with;
  • How people travel to festivals;
  • What types of accommodation people use at festivals;
  • How people hear about festivals;
  • What factors are important when people choose which festivals to attend;
  • How much time people spend watching music acts at festivals;
  • To what extent festival goers stay on-site or leave the site during the event;
  • How much people spend on festivals overall;
  • How much festival goers spend on food and drink on-site;
  • What type of food festival goers buy on-site;
  • How festival goers rate festival food;
  • How much festival goers spend on merchandise;
  • What types of merchandise festival goers buy;
  • Experience of crime at festivals;
  • Impact of the recession on festival going and intentions for 2012;
  • Experience and interest in travelling abroad to music festivals;
  • Attitudes towards music festivals.

Full results to all questions asked are included in the Appendix