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Over a quarter (26%) of adults have shared media and/or content across separate devices via their home WiFi network, new YouGov research reveals. The “Connected Devices, 2014” report found that just over a third (34%) of adults specifically look for devices they can connect to their existing devices across their home network. YouGov finds that the most popular form of content sharing between devices is viewing photos on the TV set, followed by streaming music from a smartphone, laptop or tablet to a speaker system in the home.  YouGov’s research shows the scale of ‘media multi-tasking’ – using more than ... read more

UK consumer confidence has improved to its highest point since August 2007, new figures from YouGov and the Centre for Economics Research show. However, in the wake of last week’s Budget with measures aimed at older people, the data show that the over-55s are still struggling with relatively low levels of economic confidence. The analysis finds that only 11% believe their household financial situation will improve over the next 12 months compared to 21% of the general population. The figures suggest that one of the reasons for this is that because their economic wellbeing is less tied to improvements in ... read more

A new YouGov report shows that funeral planning in the UK is becoming increasingly personalised and tailored to the individual involved, as more and more people consider the service they would like after death. Two thirds (66%) of UK adults have had some thoughts about the kind of funeral ceremony they would like. This rises to nearly three quarters (73%) for those aged 55+. An even larger percentage have thought about whether they would like to be buried or cremated, with 91% of the same age group having given this dilemma some consideration. Women are more likely than men to ... read more

Parents of school age children want greater influence over the meals their children have at school lunchtimes, as well as the introduction of healthier choices and more British food, according to a new YouGov report. The research shows that almost four in ten (39%) parents whose children are in primary or secondary education, would like to know what their child has chosen to eat if they have had a school dinner. A third (35%) would like to try the meals that the school offers in order to be more informed about what their children are eating every day, and 30% ... read more

Almost a fifth of people no longer have life insurance policies, new YouGov research shows. The “Life and Health Protection” report reveals that 19% of consumers used to have a life insurance policy but have subsequently lost or given up the cover – an increase of six percentage points in the past two years. The report estimates that 18.4 million people are now covered by life insurance compared to 20.9 million when YouGov last asked about the issue in late 2011. Older people are the group most likely to no longer have a policy. Three in ten (30%) over-55s used ... read more

YouGov CEO, Stephan Shakespeare, gives an insight into the latest consumer confidence figures The latest figures from the YouGov/Cebr consumer confidence index show that the economic recovery is finally starting to move from a headline to a concrete reality for greater numbers of ordinary people. Champagne bottles are by no means being uncorked in large numbers, but there has been a steady increase in the percentage of people who say they expect to have the same (49 per cent) or more (18 per cent) money for discretionary spending over the next 12 months, while those who say they expect to ... read more

Consumers don’t trust and don’t use social networking sites when it comes to e-commerce, new research for YouGov shows. The “E-commerce: Trust in Online Transactions” report shows that over half (55%) of online shoppers say a store having a presence on a social networking site makes them trust the retailer less, while just over a quarter (27%) say it makes them trust it more. YouGov found that there is only a marginal increase in the level of trust among Facebook and Twitter users towards retailers on social networks. Over half (55%) of Facebook users say presence on a social networking ... read more

YouGov CEO, Stephan Shakespeare assesses the initial reaction to Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp Facebook chief exec Mark Zuckerberg, speaking at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona this week, declared that the mobile web is essential to Facebook’s future, and to connecting billions of people living in the developing world. The social media impresario cannot be accused of not putting his money where his mouth is, considering Facebook just last week paid the monumental sum of $19bn for WhatsApp, the mobile messaging smartphone app. In addition to Zuckerberg’s apparent quest to connect the developing world, where mobile internet users far outnumber ... read more

New figures from YouGov/Cebr suggest the UK’s consumer confidence is undergoing a subtle rebalancing as people become more optimistic over their domestic finances. Over the past year a rapid rise in economic optimism has been largely driven by hopes for the property market. However, figures for February show economic optimism is finally starting to be driven by improving expectations of household finances. YouGov/Cebr Consumer Confidence Index The YouGov/Cebr Consumer Confidence Index increased by +0.5 points in February and now stands at 110.7 - its highest level since September 2007 – the month Northern Rock sought financial support from the Bank ... read more

YouGov CEO, Stephan Shakespeare, assesses how enthusiastic the public are to do business with new banks. Not long ago, the British retail banking sector was dominated by just a few big brands. That is undeniably starting to change, and yet our research shows that people may say they have a fairly low opinion of the traditional players, but there is also a strong preference for the devil they know. According to a recent YouGov report, only one in four people are willing to do business with a completely new bank brand, and 67 per cent say they prefer to purchase ... read more